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Intelligent Manufacturing Systems International (IMSI) is a non-profit, industry-led program established to advance manufacturing and help manufacturers research and adopt the next generation of manufacturing and processing technologies through the ManuVation program. The IMSI program provides the framework and support for facilitating international workshops, forums, research, and dissemination of information among large business enterprises, small-to-medium enterprises, universities, and research institutions.

IMSI is the creator and premier sponsor of the World Manufacturing Forum (WMF) which offers workshops, project coaching services, ManuVation, Industry 4.0 guides, and is an international collaborative environment for a robust exchange of ideas and synergy creation.

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IMSI invites all regions to join our extensive network and collaborate to shape the future of manufacturing in local regions and globally. 


Global manufacturing represents sixteen percent (16%) of world GDP with over twenty million enterprises, and fourteen percent (14%) of world employment. Manufacturing is still a key economic driver world-wide. In a more integrated global market, the competition is not among companies but among global supply chains and business networks. Global value chains are increasing in complexity and competition.

Through international collaboration, IMSI provides an opportunity for value-chain participants to develop world-class solutions. The accelerated pace of technological change is racing to keep up with new and increasing customer expectations. As a result, many companies and research institutions join under the banner of IMSI because IMSI offers the only portal for international collaboration to address these needs and expectations of customers.

Membership and services are free to industry and research institutions in participating IMSI regions. They may join projects and use any IMSI services. Industry and research institutions from non-member countries may not join IMS individually, but may ask the appropriate government institution with oversight of manufacturing research and R&D within their country. 

All those interested in joining IMSI are encouraged to contact the Inter-Regional Secretariat for membership resources.




International Steering Committee (ISC)​

IMSI is overseen by a steering committee with representatives from each participant region. Its members are drawn from eminent representatives from both industry and academia in each region. Government observers and the knowledgeable personalities in manufacturing, also participate.

The ISC provides overall guidance to set strategic priorities for the IMSI program and to oversee program implementation.

Regional Secretariats 

The IMSI Regional Secretariats are responsible for the day-to-day operations of IMSI in the regions, including regional marketing and promotion of IMSI, prospective partner searches in the regions, and logistics support for the development of IMSI projects.

Regional Secretariats provide various support services to industry and research partners in IMSI projects at all stages including: partner searches in the development phase, reviews and approvals of abstracts, proposals, and consortium agreements, and information on government funding support in the region for IMSI R&D expenditures.

Inter-Regional Secretariat 

The Inter-Regional Secretariat (IRS) supports the ISC in the day-to-day operations of the IMSI Program through strategic and administrative support.

The IRS is responsible for coordinating proposal reviews, liaising with endorsed projects, and disseminating project information along with international marketing.

The IRS facilitates cooperation among the IMSI Regional Secretariats, manages IMS projects, and acts as a repository of information on IMSI. The IRS also serves as a resource to new participants and regions applying for IMSI membership.




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