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The IMS Project Clustering Platform facilitates on-going projects to share knowledge, provide broader solutions in less time, reduce research costs, and expand networks through building of international coalitions. Possible outcomes include combining and collaborating project research activities. IMS selects a member region to lead each cluster and its activities.




Workforce and Skills Cluster

This initiative would seek to boost the visibility of manufacturing positions, and to highlight the attractiveness of those positions. Efforts include creating awareness of existing manufacturing jobs, encouraging curiosity regarding manufactured products, facilitating factory tours for students, and establishing a shadowing and mentorship program for students.

Power in Numbers Cluster

This cluster’s goal is to provide SMEs exposure to and acclimation to using an ERP system. Alliance/consortium in getting a software provider interested in providing 5-6 companies under one license. Siloed data, full use of ERP. Value proposition for software company is an increase in sales, proving ROI for individual licenses. Coordination with academia also needed. 

Analytics Cluster

This cluster aims to capture data for energy monitoring including areas such as audit, ID product requirements, analyze data. It will also explore machine learning and AI in relation to self-teaching and repair in order to use for data forecasting that learns over time to apply to equipment failure. 

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3DS: Digital Die Design System – Phase I and II

  • Developed digital die design system for sheet metal forming.

  • Developed “Spring-back (2D) evaluation method” and “Surface strain evaluation method” to quantify evaluation. (Preamble for 3D methods).

  • Evaluated different models and selected the best model for predicting spring-back.

  • Discussed the role and future research needed to understand the influence of friction and its representation in simulation.

AIM: Acceleration of Innovative ideas to Market

  • Developed a means of stimulating the creation of innovative ideas and collecting them from people involved with the products and processes.

  • Developed a method for processing ideas and storing them into a structured knowledge repository.

  • Developed a means of analyzing innovative knowledge to determine which is useful, and which is not in order to enable the viability of ideas to be assessed.

  • Developed the best means of delivering the innovative ideas to product and process designers for maximum effect.

AMITERM: Development of Advanced Microwave and Light-weight High- speed Thermo-response Mould Technology for Woven Textile- reinforced Thermoplastic Components

  • Developed two new mould technologies for thermoplastic composite parts which allows for high-speed production

  • JETex-Process developed for low-viscous pre-polymers uses dynamic heating for polymerization

  • HTex-Process developed for high performance materials which are heated and compressed forming a thermoplastic composite.

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