WMF Technical Day 2019 Presentations

The World Manufacturing Forum™ (WMF) Technical Day is intended to focus on current shop-floor and management challenges for manufacturers. New solutions utilizing Industry 4.0 technologies and sharing best practices with industry are intended to help companies find a pathway to low-cost solutions toward advanced manufacturing. Attendees will acquire a better understanding of methods to remain competitive in the next ten years. View the 2019 presentations to learn about the technical day content.

Industry 4.0 Guidebooks

Each Manufacturing Innovation Hub playbook is created with the business growth needs of small and medium manufacturers in mind. By utilizing the information in these guidebooks, you are taking the first steps to creating a competitive advantage for your company by innovating in the face of disruptive technologies. These guidebook follows a logical flow to guide you as you learn more about Industry 4.0 Technologies.

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IoT Cluster, South Africa

This is the working cluster on IOT from the Pretoria, South Africa Workshop. 

Simulation Cluster, South Africa

This is the working cluster on Simulation from the Pretoria, South Africa Workshop. 

Additive Manufacturing Cluster, South Africa

This is the working cluster on Additive Manufacturing from the Pretoria, South Africa Workshop. 

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IMS Mexico

The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) initiative encourages the formation of international business innovation and research and development consortium to address the Next Generation Manufacturing and Processing Technologies challenges towards a more sustainable global manufacturing industry. 

Mexico was the first emerging economy giant to join in the late 2010 the IMS initiative, bringing to the Mexican manufacturing industry and its related support research and innovation institutions the opportunity to create a significant progress in adopting and developing technology innovations through multi-lateral collaboration. IMS Mexico offers a proven and efficient framework for collaboration in joint research and development, target focused business innovation, and technology transfer projects within the IMS international network.

IMS South Africa

Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.

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