World Manufacturing Foundation Signs Agreement with UNIDO

During the WMF annual meeting the World Manufacturing Foundation signed a cooperation agreement with UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, which aims to promote sustainable industrial development, particularly in developing countries and in countries with economies in transition.

Record Number of Attendees at the 2018 World Manufacturing Fourm

The first day of the 2018 World Manufacturing Forum was held on September 27th, 2018 at its new permanent home, Cernobbio, Italy. The international event on manufacturing produced record numbers for the seventh edition with thirty international speakers that spoke at the Villa Erba in front of 900 participants from over 40 countries. This years’ record turnout coincides with the newly formed World Manufacturing Foundation from partners Confindustria Lombardia, Intelligent Manufacturing System and Politecnico di Milano. The new foundation’s success is indicative of the global dimension now reached by the World Manufacturing Forum.

The World Manufacturing Foundation is Born

Washington, June 5, 2018 -- The World Manufacturing Foundation was officially established on May 21, 2018 by founding members Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) International, Confindustria Lombardia, and Politecnico di Milano. The Foundation organizes the World Manufacturing Forum (WMF) Annual Meeting, now held annually in Italy, to discuss global manufacturing challenges and solutions and disseminate a yearly Global Manufacturing Report. It will also organize regional events to address local challenges.

“As a world class center for innovation, Lombardy is a perfect place to launch this new foundation and international headquarters to advance manufacturing for all nations,” noted Dan Nagy, Managing Director of IMS International. “Since our first event held in 2011, it was our dream to expand the mission, reach and resources of the WMF. Together with the additional resources of our new partners at Confindustria, Lombardy, and Politecnico di Milano, we will make this dream a reality.”

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As a further expansion of collaborative outreach and support, IMS International (IMSI) and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday at the NCMS Washington Office. IMSI Chair, Jack Harris, and NCMS President and CEO, Lisa Strama, were present at the event and gave remarks on the opportunity this partnership presents to help small to medium sized (SME) manufacturers. Through this agreement, the IMSI ManuVation program gains a valuable partner to strengthen services to SME manufacturers that provides understanding and integration of new technologies through guidebooks, workshops, and sharing best practices.


NCMS will speak at an upcoming IMSI ManuVation aerospace workshop that will help manufacturers understand current cyber security risks and how to reduce exposure. The two organizations will explore developing tracks of content for joint workshops and in support of the World Manufacturing Forum. The organizations will also cross-promote activities and services in order to help spur manufacturing and innovation throughout communities.

IMS and ASM International Sign Cooperation Agreement

In order to advance manufacturing science and support integration of new materials and technologies by industry to ASM International's 25,000 member organization and the IMS international network, IMS International and ASM International signed a cooperation agreement to explore marketing and services opportunities for manufacturers, researchers, and manufacturing stakeholders including workshops, forums, and innovation hubs. They will also explore publishing and disseminating manufacturing content as well as collaborate to integrate Materials Information into STEP/ISO-10303 standards. The organizations will evaluate opportunities to promote each other’s membership as well as offer incentives or shared benefits in the future. 

IMS International Announces Advanced Manufacturing Directors

Intelligent Manufacturing System International Inc. (IMSI) reconstituted its Board of Directors with leading experts to support the IMS ManuVation and World Manufacturing Forum programs. The new members include Chair of the Board, Jack Harris, Rockwell Collins (Retired), Dean Bartles, Ph.D., National Tooling and Machining Association, Atul Kelkar, Ph.D., Clemson University, William Mahoney, ASM International, Robert E. Mansfield, Jr., Aerospace States Association, and Jack Todd, C.P.A.

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IMS Endorses New Manufacturing Bill

MS International, a non-profit organization helping SME’s integrate advanced manufacturing technologies, and its Board of Directors unanimously endorse the “Global Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing Act” proposed by Senator Coons and Senator Gardner. We believe these changes will support stability, visionary growth and promote excellence in the institutes through removal of funding limits, expanding their mission to innovate in new sectors, and promote the necessary skilled workforce required. As these new technologies are interconnected, we also support the Act’s improved interagency collaboration to provide system approaches to manufacturing challenges. The Act will help keep our manufacturing sector at the leading edge of innovation.

IMS Featured in Ideólogos de la Manufactura

The World Manufacturing Forum and Dan Nagy of IMS were featured in the Ideólogos de la Manufactura (Ideologists of Manufacturing) December Newsletter which featured the top men and women helping to create a new global manufacturing order.

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