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The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) initiative encourages the formation of international business innovation and research and development consortium to address the Next Generation Manufacturing and Processing Technologies challenges towards a more sustainable global manufacturing industry. 

Mexico was the first emerging economy giant to join in the late 2010 the IMS initiative, bringing to the Mexican manufacturing industry and its related support research and innovation institutions the opportunity to create a significant progress in adopting and developing technology innovations through multi-lateral collaboration. IMS Mexico offers a proven and efficient framework for collaboration in joint research and development, target focused business innovation, and technology transfer projects within the IMS international network.


The IMS Mexico’s Regional Secretariat is the regional representation of the IMS initiative in Mexico, managed under a triple helix governance model. First helix is the Government representation, provided by the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) and in particular by the Deputy Directore-General for Technological Development and Business Innovation, main sponsor of the IMS Mexico Regional Secretariat and responsible for the enactment, enforcement and promotion of science and technology policies in Mexico to increase quality, competitiveness and innovation in manufacturing and service industries. Second helix is the Industry representation, currently provided by METALSA – a global competitive engineered assembled metalic products company serving the automotive industry – responsible for promoting a national industry collaborative research and innovation agenda for the development of new and innovative design, engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies. Third helix is Academia representation, presently provided by the Tecnológico de Monterrey – a prestigious academic, research and entrepreneurial university – responsible for exploring technology frontiers and providing scientific advice and technical knowledge to the Mexican industry to face its current and future advanced manufacturing challenges.

The IMS Mexico’s Regional Secretariat is the responsible for the day-to-day operations of the IMS initiative in the country as well as for the provisioning of various support services to the Mexican industry and research and innovation institutions to propose or join international consortium for multi-lateral collaboration. Furthermore, IMS Mexico’s Regional Secretariat contributes to the IMS International Manufacturing Technology Platform program and roadmap, and maintains contacts with other IMS Regional Secretariats to enlarge the IMS community.


Different dissemination activities are conducted by the IMS Mexico’s Regional Secretariat over the year to promote the IMS initiative and its Manufacturing Technology Platform program:

  • IMS Information Days for the introduction of the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems initiative to new Mexican shareholders.

  • New Calls Information Days for the introduction of recently published call for proposals.

  • New Project Proposals Pitching Days for the presentation and reception of new project (short) proposals seeking partners.

  • Workshop Days focused on supporting the full development of a new project proposal.

  • Networking Days focused on consortium formation for projects seeking partners.

Among the various supporting services provided by the IMS Mexico’s Regional Secretariat to industry and research partners are:

  • Marketing and promotion of the IMS initiative in Mexico.

  • Advisory in the development of new project proposals from abstracts to full proposals.

  • Supporting new consortium formation from partners search to consortium agreement.

  • Information on possible co-funding sources for projects.

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