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  • Development or transfer of technology made easier because of systematization and standardization for Quality Engineering method as general technology.
  • Contributes to the efficiency of extended technology development by utilizing Quality Engineering software.
  • Allows for production development that improves Customer satisfaction (CS)


  • Developed a group communication protocol stack in SDL, the Specification and Definition Language
  • implementation was a first-of-a-kind, prototype implementation providing new insight on the composition of Group Communication protocol stacks


  • Use, Service and Maintenance or MOL and EOL
  • Feedback of information from these phases to BOL (Design and Production).




The DiFac project aimed to develop an innovative Collaborative Manufacturing Environment (CME) for next-generation digital manufacturing. The DiFac CME intended to be used as a framework to support group work in an immersive and interactive way, for concurrent product design, prototyping and manufacturing, as well as worker training. It will provide support for data analysis, visualisation, advanced interaction and presence within the virtual environment, ergonomics analysis, and collaborative decision-making.


DiFac Success 1010



  • Developed “Plug and Participate” IT infrastructure from the enterprise level down to the shop floor
  • Combines Java-based Jini technology with mobile and residential software agents
  • Minimizes time for set-up of new machines
  • New methods in job control enhance efficiency



Final Report – PABADIS

  • A blueprint for the integration of future manufacturing systems into the new forms of manufacturing enterprises.
  • Competitive advantage from a more rapid adoption of advanced systems, processes and technologies.
  • More rapid and “right first time” establishment of manufacturing processes and networks of autonomous units through the application of new types of simulation methodologies and tools.
  • Greatly improved response times to changing customer needs through the adoption of new forms of modeling and simulation systems.
  • Defined the scope of the “Digital Factory” concepts
  • Developed an integrate-able set of models and simulators merging a bottoms-up view of the factory floor as found in NGMEs with a top-down view of the globally distributed virtual enterprises


Final Report- NGMS PHASE I, II, III


Project Outcome – NGMS PHASE II White Paper

Presentation IMS Vision Forum – NGMS

  • Researched metamorphic material handling systems which respond to varying demands in a flexible manufacturing system.
  • Developed prototype automatic guided vehicle (AGV) and support software
  • Method of Path-planning/Guide-planning proposed in WP2 and WP3 will raises efficiency of manufacturing systems.



Final Report – MMHS

  • Supports the Manufacturing System Engineering (MSE) process by integrating modeling and simulation platforms
  • Supports engineering and systems integration
  • Allows sharing of information generated by any one component amongst all components that may have an interest in that information



Final Report – MISSION




  • Integrates research and developments in VR, Simulation, CAD, etc., to create a suite of technology solutions for the Total Life Cycle modeling of the Industrial Enterprise.
  • Developed and demonstrated computer based VR systems for improving the factory operations of Process and Product Design, Plant Monitoring and Control and Training.
  • Addresses the organizational and personal issues relating to methods for improved training, working conditions, effects on the environment, skills, etc., through the application of VR technology.



Final Report (Japanese) – IRMA

  • Treats wood as a precious raw material
  • Developed comprehensive on-line quality inspection system
  • Moved from 2-D visual inspection to 3-D mechanical inspection
  • From appearance grading to strength grading



Final Report – INTELIWD

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