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Jack Harris (Director – Aerospace States Association) and Dan Nagy (Managing Director – IMS) presented “Promoting Growth and Sustainment in Aerospace and Defense SMEs” at  the National Council for Advanced Manufacturing annual meeting. For more information about the meeting, please visit the conference website.

Jack Harris, IMS Head of Delegation and Chair-elect, General Manager PDES, Inc. presented “Industry 4.0 for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers” at the SFSA Fall Leadership Meeting is September 9-12, 2017 in South Lake Tahoe, CA at The Landing. Along with other information, Mr. Harris discussed the IMS Project Clustering initiative as an opportunity to help SME’s innovate with new technologies.



“Since the late 1700’s, the world has progressed from Industrial Revolution 1 through today, or the start of Industrial Revolution 4. Industrial Revolution 4 (Industry 4.0) is a valued extension to the Industrial Revolution 3.0 (Industry 3.0), moving from the use of digital techniques and processes to the application of cross domain integration and leverage of the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn how Industry 4.0 can drive SME manufacturing growth and sustainability in the 21st century.”

Mr. Abraham Tijerina,  IMS Chair, was an Industry 4.0 Panelist at the Industrial Innovation Information Days held by the European Commission in Brussels on 3-4 October.

The aim of the event was to:

  • Build the basis for the future of Industrial Research in Europe
  • Inform relevant Industrial Technologies providers & users about EU activities in the field
  • Enhance cooperation among Industrial stakeholders.

Mr. Tijerina was included in the following panel discussion.

Open to the World

Panel chaired by Maria Cristina Russo 

  • Canada- Michael Willmott, First Secretary, Science and Technology at the Mission of Canada to the European Union
  • Iran – Mohammad R. Razavi, President of Iranian Institute for Trade studies and research (TBC)
  • Japan – Michiharu Nakamura, Senior Advisor of Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • Mexico – Abraham Tijerina, Coordinator of Strategy Industry 4.0 for the state of Nuevo Leon
  • Thailand – Sirirurg Songsivilai Secretary-General, National Research Council of Thailand


For more information, please click here.

World Manufacturing ForumOver 400 manufacturing leaders gathered from around the world to contribute and network at the fifth edition of the World Manufacturing Forum. An invitation-only event sponsored by Conacyt, IMS, Metalsa, and others, experts from industry, academia, and government discussed international manufacturing challenges, solutions, and our shared vision for the next generation of growth under Industry 4.0 topics.

For more information and to view presentations, please visit the WMF website.


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The IMS Project Clustering Platform facilitates on-going projects share knowledge, provide broader solutions in less time, reduce research costs, and expand networks through building of international coalitions. Possible outcomes include combining and collaborating project research activities. IMS selects a member region to lead each cluster, and the European Union volunteered to shepherd the Additive Manufacturing Project Cluster. Held in conjunction with the IMS World Manufacturing Forum, the workshop was held 2 May 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, that was facilitated by a local organizer and participant, Fundacio CIM.

To start the process, the European Commission found seventeen (17) on-going projects willing to share exploitable results with other IMS regions at a workshop. IMS searched its network to find twenty-two (22) projects and industrial partners from Mexico (8), South Africa (10), and the United States (4) that expressed interest in the projects and would also offer their exploitable results to share. Due to the high level of interest, the Additive Manufacturing theme was divided into three subthemes; metals, polymer-ceramics-biomaterials, and generic technologies. Through the IMS network, the thirty-nine projects (39) shared their exploitable results with TRL levels with each other. IMS then asked the cluster participants to rate their interests prior to the meeting and were charted by IMS. Possible project clusters became apparent, but some projects expressed interest in multiple projects. Since most projects were represented by only one person, a methodology was applied to the workshop to help participants narrow their choice to one project. Using materials developed by the IMS team, the participants then self assembled into clusters and identified its members, leadership, goals and objectives, and their work plans.

Six (6) clusters were formed as a result of the workshop collaborative process. Three were formed in the metals session, one in the polymers session, and two in the generic technologies session. The six clusters were given IMS standard MOA templates in case the cluster was able to commit to their work immediately. One cluster signed the MOA, “Titanium Aero Structures – AM (TAS-AM)”, and noted that there may be additional cooperation. Additionally, other clusters noted that their initial collaboration would build trust, and additional collaborations in more sensitive areas could develop.

IMS is funding a new program that will cluster projects around a thematic area in a Community of Common Interest (CCI). The first CCI thematic area is centered on Additive Manufacturing. To date, almost 30 projects are under consideration to find commonalities in specific research areas like new materials, processes, and standards. When these commonalities are found among the projects, a Project Cluster will be formed. As these meetings occur, expected outcomes are extending expert and researcher networks, publications in professional journals, white papers for research, or new research projects. IMS will provide resources through a paid facilitator and meeting support.

The first international meeting is currently planned for 2 May, 2016 in Barcelona prior to the World Manufacturing Forum (www.worldmanufacturing Local meetings in IMS regions will occur this winter and early spring.

More details will be published at a later date. If you reside in an IMS region (28 countries of the EU, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States), we encourage you to join this rare opportunity to expand your knowledge network. Please contact your local IMS representative to express your interest in this program and to join the mailing list. As always, researchers and companies from IMS regions may join our programs and attend meetings at no charge.

Cloud computing, coupled with on-premise solutions, will revolutionize manufacturing by enabling an eco-system of composable (easy-to-assemble-and-reassemble) manufacturing services that will accelerate new product development, gain efficiencies in production and supply chain management, and allow use of data analytics to optimize manufacturing activities. However, to achieve such composable manufacturing services, there is the need for a shared basis to specify service requirements and capabilities that allow representation, registration, discovery, and composition of these services. In this project, we seek to enable reference architecture models, and analysis and synthesis tools, as a basis for specification of both cloud-based and on-premise manufacturing services. These reference models are intended to drive necessary standards development for composable, smart manufacturing systems to become reality. Our results will reduce risk to software providers and users, and promote standards adoption by providing tools based on the reference models to guide the development and validate implementations of such standards.





SOSA 2015

The United States “National Council for Advanced Manufacturing” has invited IMS to sit on their Board of Directors. Mr. Dan Nagy, IMS Managing Director, will be inducted at their annual meeting on 8-9 April, 2015. Mr. Nagy stated “I am pleased to be part of this well-established and distinguished organization and hope to bring an international dimension to the Board”.