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  • Predict distortion resulting from quenching, carburizing and nitriding of steel parts both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Optimize time and operating condition of heat treatments materials.
  • Uses databases (Material, Process & Generic) and process simulation by the Finite Element Analysis


  • Developed method for recycling materials without dismantling
  • Developed a logistics system for collection of disused materials


  • Created software to help SMEs develop and increase their capabilities to grow
  • Developed management methods and tools that facilitate the constant creation, exploration and exploitation of business opportunities within strategic networks
  • Symphony product portfolio consist of seven products including SymStrategy, SymResources, and SymCockpit


  • Extended an existing data model for turning and milling processes
  • A prototype for a turning CNC was developed
  • Tested and implemented new measuring equipment


Project Summary – STEP-NC

Final Report – STEP-NC


  • Developed and established ISO 10303-236, the Standard Application Protocol (AP) for the Exchange of Furniture Product Data
  • Created the fun-Step Interest Group
  • SME-focused with Large enterprises participating


Project Summary – SMART-fm

Final Report – SMART-fm



  • A tool for the rigorous and hybrid modeling of crystallization processes that can be used (a) for parameter estimation (b) for optimization of design and operation (c) starting point for model-based control applications;
  • An observer/feedback system based on hybrid models made of a rigorous mechanistic model and an empirical model (e.g. Extended Kalman filter; horizon approach, self- learning, intelligent (learning) operating system);
  • A control toolbox consisting of a Model Predictive Control applicable to a wide range of crystallization processes.


Project Summary – SINCPRO



  • Developed on-line calibration and optimization of machining process during prototype machining.
  • Developed in-process detection of tool wear and breakage to reduce down time and scrap rate.
  • Developed in-process compensation of work-piece and tool deformations for precision machining.


Project Summary – SIMON

Final Report – SIMON



  • Realization of software tools for substantially improving process chains starting with physical or digital models of the product and leading to validated physical parts
  • Development of technologies to rapidly produce parts with mass production materials in small or medium sized series using innovative tooling technologies.


  • Development or transfer of technology made easier because of systematization and standardization for Quality Engineering method as general technology.
  • Contributes to the efficiency of extended technology development by utilizing Quality Engineering software.
  • Allows for production development that improves Customer satisfaction (CS)


  • Developed a group communication protocol stack in SDL, the Specification and Definition Language
  • implementation was a first-of-a-kind, prototype implementation providing new insight on the composition of Group Communication protocol stacks


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