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  • Developed Agile Manufacturing System
  • Reduced non-processing time
  • Developed reconfigurable tools
  • Developed high-speed cutting process


Final Report – HIPARMS



  • Developed a business incubator for SME business innovators
  • Articulates SME business plans for to key stakeholders and potential investors
  • Includes commercialization and networking tools
  • Project harvested new self-sustaining business entity: Harmony Solutions



Final Report – HARMONY



  • Enables new forms of highly competitive manufactured products and processes which are environment-conscious, society-conscious and human-oriented.
  • Used to design of next generation apartments and environmentally conscious factories.
  • Used to enhance ecological designs.
  • Improved logistics and speed up the design-to-market flow
  • Improved the configuration process for customized products and production.
  • Used to test new tools and application areas.



Final Report – GNOSIS




  • Builds on the completed GLOBEMAN 21
  • Management of globally distributed manufacturing businesses
  • Produced guide that describes global and dynamic IT infrastructures and encourages industry and vendor development


Final Report – GLOBEMEN

Presentation – GLOBEMEN






  • Developed a virtual manufacturing environment to reduce lead times from production line planning to design and production
  • Developed distributed autonomous manufacturing technology for flexible manufacturing
  • 14 demonstrators developed
  • Businesses are changing their business practices as a result of the project.




Final Report – GLOBEMAN 21



  • Researched and defined the needs of the manufacturing industry for training and education in manufacturing strategy on a global basis
  • Developed curriculum to comply with the concept of digital business and extended products
  • Developed a framework (detailed specifications) for a manufacturing strategy curriculum focusing both manufacturing and business administration topics
  • Established a set of software standards to allow various pieces of Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) software used in chemical manufacturing to communicate with each other.
  • Established guidelines on how to integrate software.
  • Developed software prototypes of simulation software.
  • Established the self-funded CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (Co-LAN) to manage and advance the standards.


Final Report – GCO

Presentation – GCO






  • Developed next-generation technology through evaluation of different solder formulas
  • Evaluation included a “total impact assessment” of four formulas
  • Recommendations were given for use of solders


Final Report – EFSOT

Presentation – EFSOT



  • Developed toolbox to coach SMEs for coaching oriented business process re-engineering/improvement
  • Toolbox helps select the most appropriate methodology with regard to their actual business situation and objectives
  • Available at “no charge” to SMEs at


Final Report – COST-WORTH


  • Developed Decision Support System (DSS) for process monitoring, data and event analysis, and operations support in chemical and petrochemical process plants
  • Simulation toolboxes were developed to improve operations
  • Developed tools should reduce pollution and accidents


Final Report – CHEM


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