IMS2020 Roadmap

The European Union sponsored a roadmap project titled “IMS2020” with the objective to strengthen international co-operation under IMS, to provide an effective interface with ongoing European road-mapping activities, and to create research synergies through the establishment of international manufacturing communities in key areas.

The project successfully completed a coherent roadmap (2020) for future manufacturing research in the five IMS MTP key thematic areas and set up an interface to ongoing roadmapping activities of European Technology Platforms and similar initiatives outside Europe. The roadmap provides a list of topics suitable to IMS cooperation (reference).

Further project objectives include the identification of new schemes and frameworks to support IMS research by enhancing and favoring inter-regional cooperation projects, the identification of specific measures to increase SME participation in international R&D collaborative projects in IMS, and to build and consolidate a number of international and inter-regional communities in the five MTP thematic areas ensuring an effective exchange of results and knowledge. As a result of the above, the final major objective was to prepare the ground for new IMS projects.

For more information, please visit the IMS2020 project website.