Organization and Governance

The International IMS Steering Committee (ISC)

The IMS initiative is overseen by a steering committee with representatives from each participant region. Its members are drawn from eminent representatives from both industry and academia in each region. Government observers and the knowledgeable personalities in manufacturing, also participate.

The main responsibility of the ISC is to provide overall guidance, to set strategic priorities for the IMS program, and to oversee program implementation.

The current IMS participating regions represented in the ISC are the European Union, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States of America.

Regional Secretariats

For the implementation of IMS at the regional level, all participants have set up an IMS Regional Secretariat. Their responsibility is the day-to-day operations of IMS in the regions, including regional marketing and promotion of IMS, prospective partner searches in the regions, and logistics support for the development of IMS projects.

Regional Secretariats are typically the point of entry for entities interested in participating in the IMS Program. Interested entities are encouraged to contact their Regional Secretariat early on in the process of deciding whether to participate in any IMS project.

Regional Secretariats provide various support services to industry and research partners in IMS projects at all stages including: partner searches in the development phase, reviews and approvals of abstracts, proposals, and consortium agreements, and information on government funding support in the region for IMS R&D expenditures.

Inter-Regional Secretariat (IRS)

The Inter-Regional Secretariat (IRS) has the responsibility to support the ISC in the day-to-day operations of the IMS Program. The IRS provides administrative support for IMS.

The IRS is responsible for coordinating proposal review, liaising with endorsed projects, and disseminating project information. The IRS is also responsible for international marketing.

The IRS facilitates cooperation among the IMS Regional Secretariats, maintains the IMS web portal, and acts as a repository of information on IMS. It has a special role in interfacing with prospective new Participants.

How to Join IMS

Membership and services are free to industry and research institutions in IMS regions of the European Union,  Mexico, and the United States of America. They may join projects and use any IMS services.

Industry and research institutions from non-member countries may not join IMS individually, but may ask the appropriate government institution within their country to write a letter of interest to the IMS Inter-Regional Secretariat (IRS). An example of an appropriate institution is a government office with oversight for manufacturing research, development, and innovation. The IRS will respond with the IMS admission packet.