Metals Cluster Meeting Activity Reports

15 June 2017: The Additive Manufacturing Metals met in St. Gallen, Switzerland, at the INSPIRE facility on 15 June, 2017 to discuss the development of the cluster and its deliverables. Below are the related documents and report for the meeting.


AM Clustering Workshop Report

IMS International Overview – AM meeting


25 July 2017: Meeting VIA WebEx. The primary aim of the meeting is to complete the discussion started in St Gallen about the role and scope of the IMS metal cluster activity, planning activities next 12 months and agreeing a vision for the cluster in the future.


-Review actions from previous meeting

-Scope of IMS metal cluster #2 activity

-Working with the other IMS clusters

-Links to other AM networking activities

-Activities over the next 12 months

-What information we can share and best method of sharing this information

-Potential to form an international AM database (Paula from Prodinet)

-Potential collaborative projects and vision for future of cluster

-Plan of meetings (including face to face meeting in 2018 – location/date)

-Plan for the meeting in Mexico > this may need to come earlier in the agenda


(Report Pending)