21 June 2017 | IMS Industry 4.0 Workshop – Registration Open


IMS Industry 4.0 Workshop

Following the Picasso Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy on June 19-20, 2017, IMS will conduct a project clustering activity scheduled for June 21st at the same venue, organized by the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) programme. IMS has been successfully linking manufacturing R&D activities using their project clustering methodology described at http://www.ims.org/2016/06/project-clustering/, and in Attachment 1 below. Please note that this is not a traditional information-sharing workshop, but rather a focused activity designed to form productive collaborations between existing projects. This year the focus is to stimulate international cooperation in the areas of Industry 4.0: Advanced Robotics, and Industrial Internet of Things. If these topics are of interest to you, you are invited to engage with this activity at no charge.

The first step is to complete the online questionnaire at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeo9eQ-uhPdQ0TIyUS3wnYBtQ2GyKV9LFXdGMMVZxeFXAwyGw/viewform?usp=sf_link. It contains two sections:

1) Exploitable Results listing. Please identify and list, according to the definition in Attachment 1, exploitable results from your ongoing projects, that you would like to share and further develop in a cluster. The aim is to identify a few main results (up to 3 max.) per ongoing project around which collaboration could be sought, clusters formed and work-programs drawn. The objective of this worshop is mainly the collaboration among ongoing and funded projects and not necessarily the formation of new research projects.

2) Details of Exploitable Results listed in Section 1. In this characterisation exercise, you are requested to provide a short description of each contribution, and estimate the “Technology Readiness Levels”- TRLs of the results, as defined at the bottom of the section.

If you prefer not to follow the above link, the same form is provided as a Word document as Attachment 2. A fictitious example submission of exploitable results is provided as Attachment 3.

Exploitable results and characterisations should be filled in as soon as possible but not later than May 30th.  If you choose to use the Word document rather than the online form, please email it to: [email protected]
Once we have collected the above information from all the projects, we will send it to you by Tuesday, June 6th, together with a matrix for you to complete.

Each project/participant should state his/her expression of interest in the exploitable results of the other projects/participants using the matrix that will be provided. Expressions of interest should be sent to “[email protected]” by June 13th.

Without the contributions we are requesting from you, we would have to spend time collecting basic information during the workshop, taking such time away from the real purpose of the workshop: discussions and clarifications among the participants about international cooperation issues that are themselves time-consuming and often complex. The contribution requires a little bit of your time. Your contribution is however very valuable for the success of the workshop. The key for success for the workshop is to get your contribution on time, to acquire a good understanding of the projects involved before the event, and to carefully analyse the different offers and demands of the different participants in order to create meaningful clusters that could start working effectively together during the workshop and after.



Attachment 1 Clustering workshop description

Attachment 2 Exploitable Results Exercise

Attachment 3 Example ERs and Characterisation

Attachment 4 Clustering Workshop agenda



Workshop June 21, 2017

McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis—East Bank Campus

200 Oak Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Wednesday, June 21

9.00 Host welcome

9.10 Welcome and mini-summary of IMS and the IMS project clustering program

9:30 Five-minute project summaries.


– Project main info and introduction

– Exploitable results (ER)

– Characterization of ER

– Expression of interest in the ER of the other projects

(30’ coffee break)

11:00 (depending on number of projects) Cross expression of interests and Cluster formation

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Cluster working groups to draw preliminary work-plans (estimated 3 clusters depending on projects available)

(30’ coffee break)

16:00 Preliminary work-plan presentations by each cluster

17:00 Conclusion of the workshop

17.15 End of the workshop


Objectives of the workshop:

  • to form project clusters in two focus areas of Industry 4.0: Advanced Robotics, and Industrial Internet of Things
  • To define preliminary work-plans from each group to be part of a Memorandum of Agreement


Phases of the workshop:

  • Desk work. Participants will use the same methodology and as much as possible the same terminology to achieve a shared understanding and to be able to communicate effectively. Coaches will assist projects in their region to properly perform their desk work.
  • Each cluster/working group is assisted by one facilitator.


Desk work: This is critical for the success of the workshop. All participants should arrive at the workshop with their homework done according to the methodology proposed.