3-6 April 2017: IMS Hosts Speaker at MBE Summit – NIST

IMS sponsors the European Project Coach, Dr. Christoph Runde, at the MBE Summit held at NIST on 2-5 April, 2017. The full program is below.


“Activities on Product Service Platforms Interoperability in Europe”

Christoph Runde, IMS – European Union

This contribution will present the outcomes of the workshop on product/service platforms interoperability held in

Brussels on November 21st, 2016. Within the European Union’s initiative in the area of the Factories of the Future,

a number of running European projects deals with the development of integrated product service systems. All

these projects such as Diversity, Falcon, ICP4Life, Manutelligence, ProRegio and Psymbiosys follow interoperability

approaches. We detected efforts to develop specific own integration platforms as well as contributing largely to

existing standards like Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration or like RAMI4.0. Long existing initiatives like the

ProSTEP iViP association – a standardization initiative in virtual product development – demonstrated its strategy

on pushing its guideline Code of PLM Openness into industrial application to improve future PLM (product lifecycle

management) interoperability. Also the European Factory of the Future Research Association (EFFRA), which

develops visions of the factories of the future, works on interoperable digital manufacturing platforms to connect

manufacturing services. The European Commission fosters the coordination of European, national and regional

initiatives such as Industrie 4.0 (Germany), Industrie du Futur (France), Smart Industry (Netherlands) in order to

build a European platform of initiatives in the relevant field. Having in mind the platform and data economy

framing and necessary criterions like security / trust, this European network shall moderate common answers to

the key challenges, that we face in manufacturing today, e.g. flexibility, agility, logistics 4.0, mass customization (lot

size 1), autonomous systems, cobotics, AI, zero-defects, energy and resource efficiency, fully linked physical and

digital worlds (digital twins both for product and production).