WMF 2016

From Global Challenges to Grand Manufacturing Opportunities:
Leading towards Growth and Sustainability

3-4 May 2016, Barcelona, Spain

How can industry accelerate advanced manufacturing in the era of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth?

The importance of manufacturing as a key contributor to economic wealth and growth was recognized and elevated as a priority in industrialized and developing countries in the early 21st century. Innovation fuelled by ever increasing customer demand drives research efforts toward increased productivity through the development and use of new technologies, whilst respecting the need for a more sustainable use of resources across the globe.

In their aspiration to generate new revenue, manufacturing enterprises have expanded beyond traditional boundaries. Globalization was the biggest driver of growth for many of them over the past decades, but today, it may not be sufficient anymore as sustainable competitive advantage requires solid innovation and effective resource-use strategies.

In this context, the World Manufacturing Forum brought together policy experts, industry leaders of large multinationals and small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as academic leaders across the globe to discuss the economic, social and technical challenges that will impact global manufacturing in the near future.

The Forum addressed technological and financial challenges affecting industrialized and emerging economies alike as well as the policies supporting and defining new manufacturing megatrends and challenges to SMEs in global markets. In addition, trends such as manufacturing intelligence, social innovation, the Circular Economy, zero-waste concepts and disruptive technologies as drivers for products and services in the future was explored.

Registration was free of charge to our invited guests thanks to the support from the European Commission and the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) international cooperation program and our sponsors.


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