New IMS Program: Additive Manufacturing CCI/Project Clustering

IMS is funding a new program that will cluster projects around a thematic area in a Community of Common Interest (CCI). The first CCI thematic area is centered on Additive Manufacturing. To date, almost 30 projects are under consideration to find commonalities in specific research areas like new materials, processes, and standards. When these commonalities are found among the projects, a Project Cluster will be formed. As these meetings occur, expected outcomes are extending expert and researcher networks, publications in professional journals, white papers for research, or new research projects. IMS will provide resources through a paid facilitator and meeting support.

The first international meeting is currently planned for 2 May, 2016 in Barcelona prior to the World Manufacturing Forum (www.worldmanufacturing Local meetings in IMS regions will occur this winter and early spring.

More details will be published at a later date. If you reside in an IMS region (28 countries of the EU, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States), we encourage you to join this rare opportunity to expand your knowledge network. Please contact your local IMS representative to express your interest in this program and to join the mailing list. As always, researchers and companies from IMS regions may join our programs and attend meetings at no charge.