Service-Oriented Architectures for Smart Manufacturing

Cloud computing, coupled with on-premise solutions, will revolutionize manufacturing by enabling an eco-system of composable (easy-to-assemble-and-reassemble) manufacturing services that will accelerate new product development, gain efficiencies in production and supply chain management, and allow use of data analytics to optimize manufacturing activities. However, to achieve such composable manufacturing services, there is the need for a shared basis to specify service requirements and capabilities that allow representation, registration, discovery, and composition of these services. In this project, we seek to enable reference architecture models, and analysis and synthesis tools, as a basis for specification of both cloud-based and on-premise manufacturing services. These reference models are intended to drive necessary standards development for composable, smart manufacturing systems to become reality. Our results will reduce risk to software providers and users, and promote standards adoption by providing tools based on the reference models to guide the development and validate implementations of such standards.





SOSA 2015