March 25-26 2015: IMS Message Received at DMMI

Organized by the National Academy of Sciences “Defense Materials Manufacturing and Infrastructure (DMMI) Standing Committee”, the Mar 25-26 workshop on “Globalization of Defense Materials and Manufacturing” was opened by Dr. Mike McGrath in the prestigious Members Rooms at the National Academy of Sciences building in Washington DC. Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.07.21 AM At the opening keynote speech Ruth David, CEO of ANSER, said that “We need to leverage what others are doing” setting the tone of the meeting for global collaboration.

Throughout the day some of the challenges heard from the IMS perspective included intellectual property protection when working in a collaborative environment, limited funding for research, and the difficulty in forming consortiums. Dan Nagy (International Office), Steve Ray (US), and David Romero (MX) explained how these concerns can be addressed and how sustainable manufacturing and cross-platform technologies can and should be developed collaboratively through the IMS program. They also presented some project success and opportunities that drew interest from both government and industry representativeIMG_3311_2s spurring off-line discussions for future collaboration. The full agenda and speaker bios are below.

The international event heard perspectives from industry, institutional, and government representatives from Australia, Mexico, Germany, United States, and United Kingdom. The companies and institutions that were represented included ANSER, ATI Metals, CSIRO, Fraunhofer, McKinsey, Pfahl Consulting, Rochester Institure of Technology, Rolls Royce, Office of Naval Research, United Kingdom Attache for Defense R&T, and Universal Technology Corporation. Although IMS is not a defense-related organization, many large manufacturers in the United States manufacture for the defense industry.


Agenda for Globalization of Defese Materials and Manufacturing Final A rapporteur recorded and publish the event. The link will be shared when available.