Economics of Model Based Manufacturing (EMBM)

Honeywell Aerospace

There has been an acceleration of MBD and MBE practices throughout industry. The use of CAD models has become increasingly effective in downstream functions such as manufacturing and quality because of increased productivity and increase of quality in the process. The use of CAD models can aid in the automation of CAM and CMM programming. These trends have been most pronounced in high value-added manufacturing sectors such as aerospace, automotive and semiconductors, but the techniques are applicable for all sectors. This project aims to further drive the acceleration of MBE practices by further documenting the economic benefits of Model based Manufacturing. This project will focus on the downstream benefits and cost avoidance in using Model Based Definition. This project will look at many processes throughout the supply chain including:

• Prerelease of a design
• Procurement of product
• Manufacturing/assembling of product

In support of this project, industry sector-specific pilots will be undertaken to obtain a significant amount of data to support the studies.



EMBM IMS MTP Initiative Rev 2