12-14 June: IMS and International Collaboration at “Imagine FoF 2020″

As part of the EU economic recovery program, three public-private partnerships (PPP) were launched in November of 2008. One of the PPP’s, “Factories of the Future” or “FoF’ was created to support the development of enabling technologies to foster innovation in the EU manufacturing sector. As part of this program, international collaboration to solve global manufacturing challenges was recognized as an important element, and to this end, IMS was recognized as a platform to conduct this type of research. As a result, IMS has been mentioned as a preferred platform in EU calls for manufacturing R&D, and is regularly invited to participate in events that have an international dimension.

The “Imagine FoF 2020” conference Will take place at the Palexpo Center, Geneva, on 12-14 June. Various IMS projects will be presented on Thursday, and Friday will open with an IMS-focused session.

Friday 14, June 2013 / International Day (english session)

09:00 Conference opening (ISO officer)
09:15 Research and standardization towards the triple bottom line (Mme Ing. Francesca Flamigni, EC officer)

09:45 Intelligent Manufacturing system (IMS), an international programme (Mr Dan Nagy, IMS Managing Director)

10:15 Coffee break
Projects Workshops / IMS, Learning-Training in FOF & Standardization Moderator : Dr Dimitris Kiritsis (EPFL)