12-14 June: Factories of the Future towards Horizon 2020

imaGineFOF2020  –  Factories of the Future towards Horizon 2020

Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland

As part of its European Economic Recovery Plan, adopted in November 2008 to tackle the global economic downturn that badly affected key sectors of European industry, in early 2009 the European Commission launched three public-private partnerships (PPPs). These PPPs were designed to fund research and innovation in the manufacturing, construction and automotive sectors to boost competitiveness and increase employment. Progress over the past year shows the scheme is having a positive effect in manufacturing and in the automotive industry and is starting to boost energy efficiency in construction.

The Factories of the Future (FoF) PPP aims to support the development of enabling technologies to foster innovation in the EU manufacturing sector, in particular by SMEs as Manufacturing still played an important role in the European economy, constituting 21 % of the Union’s GDP. Some 230 000 enterprises, many of them SMEs, directly provided more than 30 million jobs – some 20 % of EU employment – with twice that number in related services. European manufacturing is also dominant in international trade, leading the world in areas such as car manufacture, machinery and agricultural engineering.

The Joint Dissemination Conference FoF-H2020 mainly addresses the European companies who are currently involved in research in the domain of manufacturing under the aegis of the FP7 PPP programme.

The event will be co-hosted by the international trade show EPHJ (Geneva, 2013 June 11-14, www.EPHJ.ch ) which is the most important annual event in Switzerland in the field of high precision machines- tools, micro-technology and manufacturing on the whole.
The advantages are all important:

–  One single place for dissemination for all projects and partners at Palexpo-Geneva, the most international city in Switzerland with easy access to the whole of Europe

–  A novel “out-of-the-box” concept for cross-disseminating and sharing ideas on the same call topic such as Factories of the Future.

–  A practical and unique opportunity for partners to exhibit also their products-services at EPHJ, a multi-area platform of novelty, trade and business.

The Joint Dissemination Conference FoF-H2020 is also a unique opportunity for meeting with leading European OEM manufacturing companies (Airbus, Volvo, Fiat,…) and technology providers (SAP, Siemens, Delcam, Artis,…) and to learn about the innovated outcomes of the projects achieved or currently performed by several European consortiums.
This will be as well a place for breakthrough innovation exchanges and debates with the most famous higher schools and universities in Europe (University of Bath, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, EPFL, ETHZ, University of Patras, WZL, TU Berlin, NTNU, University of Milano, Trento…)


Wednesday 12, June 2013 / Swiss Day (french session)

14:00  Conference opening (Councilor of Etat de Genève?)

14:15  Innovation, creativity towards excellence and leadership (GFAC)

14:30  The Swiss participation (Mme Dr Marion Tobler / Euresearch)

15:00  Presentation of the FOF projects- 10mn /project (Ing. Michel Pouly/ innoLAB)

17:00  Visit: GFAC, Dupont Nemours (to be confirmed)

18:30  Closure Day 1

19:30  Dinner

Thursday 13, June 2013 / European Day (english session)

09:00  Conference opening / Dr Philipp Langer, Head of European framework unit at SERI

09:15  Manufacturing Research for industry towards excellence and leadership (Dr Rolf Riemenschneider, EC officer)

09:45  FOF, a EU vision towards the industrialization leadership in the global economy (Airbus)

10:15  Coffee break

Projects Workshops / Digital Factory, Smart Factory, Virtual Factory

10:45  Session A: Integrated Platforms for the Smart Factory, Moderators: Van Khai Nguyen (CADCAMation), Jean-Bernard Hentz (Airbus)
Projects: FOFDATION, PlantCockpit, KAP, Music, Sense&React, Adventure…

12:45  Lunch

13:45  Session B: PLM/Simulation for the Smart Factory,
Moderators: Dominic Gorecky (DFKI), Paolo Pedrazolli (TTS)

15:45  Coffee Break

16:00  Session C: VIRTUAL Manufacturing,
Moderators: Oscar Lazaro (Innovalia), Angelika Salmen (SAP)
Projects: Comvantage, Epes, ExtremeFactories, Premanus, LinkedDesign, Imagine…

18:00  Closure Day 2

19:30  Networking Dinner

23:30  End

Friday 14, June 2013 / International Day (english session)

09:00Conference opening (ISO officer?)

09:15  Research and standardization towards the triple bottom line (Mme Ing. Francesca Flamigni, EC officer)

09:45  Intelligent Manufacturing system (IMS), an international programme (Mr Dan Nagy, IMS officer)

10:15  Coffee break
Projects Workshops / IMS, Learning-Training in FOF & Standardization Moderator : Dr Dimitris Kiritsis (EPFL)

10:45  TELLME, FOFdation, …
ISO TC presentation, Steptools, Pro-STEP, Postech, etc…

12:45  Lunch

14:00  Closure Day 3