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Dear Participants,

Thank you for participating in the IMS Manufacturing Technology Platform project workshop held at South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) facilities on 17 May, 2013. Please find a copy of the program below and the presentations for your reference. If you would like to participate in an IMS project, please contact your local IMS Regional Secretariat.

Best regards,

Dan Nagy, Managing Director


IMS MTP Workshop Program

IMS Workshop Agenda_Final_051413

0915   IMS overview – Bob Kiggans (Chairman, IMS Program)

1. IMS Workshop Kiggans 0513

0930   World Manufacturing Forum – Dan Nagy (Managing Director, IMS)

2. WMF Presentation

0945   USA Manufacturing Strategy – Tom Kurfess (Distinguished Chair, Georgia Tech; Former Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing, Executive Office of the President)

3. Kurfess_IMS_May_2013_1.0

1005   European Union Horizon 2020 Program – Herbert von Bose (Director, Industrial Technologies, European Commission)


1025   South Carolina Manufacturing Outlook – BGen Henry Taylor (Vice President, Global Business Development, Charleston Regional Development Alliance)

5. Hank – SC Manufacturing Overview-CRDA

1115-1135: SuPLight: Manufacturing of sustainable light weight solutions for the manufacturing sector with focus on wrought aluminum alloys.  Prof. Kristian Martinsen, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing

6. Martinsen SuPLight IMS charleston

1135-1155: Linked Design: Semantic Standards for Linking Engineering Knowledge for Product Design and Manufacturing. Prof. Dimitris Kiritsis, EPFL

7. LinkedDesign@IMS@Charleston 130517 v0.3

1155-1215: Energy Efficient Manufacturing: Best practices, technologies, labeling, and standardization efforts for resource and energy efficient manufacturing. Dr. Thomas Messervey, IMS Coach, EU Region

Download not released for distribution. Please contact Dr. Messervey directly.

1215-1235: MBE – Model Based Manufacturing: Research on novel, model-based digital technology used in manufacturing. Dr. Steve Ray, Principal, Steve Ray Consulting

9. IMS Model Based Manufacturing MTP