8-9 May: NCDMM Summit 2013: “Celebrating a Decade and Innovating the Future”, Blairsville, PA

SUMMIT is NCDMM’s premier annual event for encouraging collaboration and innovation among government, industry, and academia.

As NCDMM celebrates its 10th anniversary and embarks on its next decade of delivering manufacturing innovation, it seemed fitting for this year’s SUMMIT theme to focus on “Celebrating a Decade and Innovating the Future.” Dynamic presentations will be given on the importance of promoting innovation across the entire manufacturing innovation spectrum—product, process, policy, and education.

SUMMIT 2013 promises to be yet another exciting and informative event filled with opportunities to meet, network, and brainstorm with colleagues from throughout government, industry, and academia. Based on feedback from attendees of past SUMMIT events, this year we’ve adjusted the structure of SUMMIT 2013 to allow for even more networking sessions!

For more information: http://ncdmmsummit.org