Save the date! Annual “World Manufacturing Forum™” to be held 22-23 October, 2013

image001In this climate of uncertainty, what is the way forward to advance manufacturing and innovation to provide growth and prosperity?

As the world climbs out of the economic crisis, policy makers have recognized manufacturing’s contribution to economic success as a strategic pillar to economic health. In response, governments are scrambling to create favorable conditions for growth while industry is faced with volatile and highly competitive market conditions. Investors are reluctant to jump into the high-risk marketplace, and manufacturers are not always willing to use reserves to expand their business.

Adding to the complexity of a globalized marketplace, countries struggle with local cries for stricter import regulations, raw material control, and limits on technology transfer. Does the focus to bring jobs home mean we must forgo international cooperation to solve manufacturing challenges and advance technology? As jobs do come home, what’s next for emerging economies?

The World Manufacturing Forum, which will be held at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center, 22-23 October 2013 in Washington, D.C., USA, seeks to answer these important questions.

With the theme of “The Way Forward to Global Prosperity Through Intelligent Manufacturing Collaboration,” the Forum intends to focus on cooperation to create a global environment for sustainable economic success through sharing resources, creating and supporting common platforms for standards and interoperability for emerging technologies, solving storage and knowledge-mining challenges for ever-increasing amounts of data, and finding innovative ways to leverage applied R&D investments. Because technology and skills are key innovation differentiators, the Forum will also discuss the role of educational institutions, companies, and unions in training the next-generation of workers in the highly technical field of manufacturing.

The Forum aims to bring together high-level industrialists, policy makers, and key societal stakeholders across the globe for a cross-exchange of ideas on major macroeconomic trends and manufacturing innovation. The Forum is sponsored by the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems program and its member countries and is open to international sponsorship from government, industry, and institutions.

Save the date now and make plans to attend. Visit for information as it becomes available.