17 October 2012 | WMF Press Release | Second Annual Global Manufacturing Forum Held

October 16 – 18 in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, 17 October 2012

One of the most important manufacturing meetings of the year is held in Stuttgart, Germany these days. More than 400 industrial executives and government officials discuss whether manufacturing is the solution to the global economic crisis, what the future of manufacturing will be and whether ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Main Street’ will eventually become friends. The event is supported by the European Commission and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) international. The Forum’s sponsors expect it to become the premier global manufacturing event each year. The World Manufacturing Forum was held for the first time in May 2011 at Lake Como and succeeded in facilitating a much needed dialogue between policy, industry and technology. Next year’s Forum will be held in Washington, DC.

IMS encourages international R&D collaboration to address 21st century manufacturing challenges. IMS membership currently includes the EU, Mexico, Korea, Switzerland and the United States of America. This month marks the end of the IMS initiative’s rotating chair currently held by the European Union. In 30 months of EU chair more than twenty-five international projects were launched with targeted workshops and dedicated services supporting the setup of global industrial partnerships. In his closing speech, the initiative’s Chairman, Mr Fred-Holger Günther, a former Senior Vice President of the German Bosch Group, remarked: “In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, collaboration is not an option, but a must. In a climate of growing competition between national and corporate interests and strategies, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems stands out as a platform for a global win/win cooperation in R&D and innovation that contributes to the creation of prosperity in our economies. Europe’s growth and prosperity which has emerged from an almost complete economic destruction after World War II, is also due to the continued peaceful collaboration among the continent’s nations that used to be at war with each other in the centuries before”. The IMS chair is taken over by the United States until early 2015 by Mr. Robert Kiggans, Vice Chairman of SCRA Applied R&D.


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