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Dear Reader,

Marta BulikWelcome to our summer edition of the IMS newsletter. We are coming back with a lot of manufacturing news, but pay attention especially to our European Policy Section where you will find the latest information on the recent open Call for Proposals related to manufacturing and Factories of the Future. Over 230 million Euro are available for the most innovative projects.

Our big event World Manufacturing Forum 2012 is already knocking on the door. Please check the latest news and updates, as well as info on other interesting manufacturing events around the globe.

As we cannot afford to forget about the economic crisis, so read what is proposed by the European Commission – building a new industrial revolution in Europe. And if you want to know what the best countries for innovation are, you will also find this information in our newsletter.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Dr. Rainer Zimmermann, the Head of the new Unit on Advanced Computing and Complex Systems at the European Commission as well as Dr. Dimitris Kiritsis from the ActionPlanT project, for contributing to the newsletter.

We always look forward to receive news also from you. You can follow us on Twitter and share your tweets with us.

I wish you a pleasant reading.

Marta Bulik, European Commission

Top Story

Rainer ZimmermannInterview with Rainer Zimmermann, Head of the new Unit Complex Systems and Advanced Computing within the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology in the European Commission. The Unit is covering topics such as embedded systems, controls, complex systems, computing systems and factories of the future.

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Latest News

¤Second Annual Global Manufacturing Forum Will Be Held October 16 – 18 in Stuttgart, Germany

¤IMS MEXICO: Successful Mexico Manufacturing Technology Platform (MTP) Project Workshop held in Mexico City, Mexico on 8 May 2012

¤Industrial Learning – A report by Dimitris Kiritsis


Regions in the Loop

¤The best countries for innovation

¤Report to the US President outlines approaches to spur manufacturing investment and innovation¤Factory tours urged to raise awareness of skilled career options

¤Brazil, Argentina manufacturing slows; Mexico output grows

¤South Korea manufacturer confidence drops to 3-year low

¤Analysis: Crisis stifles Italian firms’ competitiveness drive

¤Manufacturing activity for the Euro-area is down to its lowest level since middle of year 2009

¤Euro-zone manufacturing decline steepens

EU Policy Activities


¤Information Day on Public Private Partnerships, Brussels, 9-10 July 2012 in Brussels, Belgium – The Factories of the Future (FoF) Calls

¤EU to fund cloud-based supercomputers for SMEs

¤Summary of Factories of the Future projects launched in the last 3 years

¤European automotive industry gears up for the 21st century

¤Building a new industrial revolution in European answer to the economic crisis

¤EU Innovation push in raw materials

¤Projects for sustainable and competitive industry

In this issue



Top Story

Latest News

Regions in the loop

EU Policy Activities

Calls & EventsFor the information on open Calls for Proposals please go to the section EU Policy Activities.IWEI 2012 – 4th International IFIP Working Conference on Enterprise Interoperability “Collaboration, Interoperability and Services for Networked Enterprises”

6-7 September, 2012 Harbin, ChinaManufacturing Technology Trade Show
10-15 September, 2012 Chicago, United StatesMITIP 2012 Scientific Forum and Proposers’ Day
24-26 October, 2012 Budapest, HungaryManufacturing Day
5 October, 2012 NIST, Washington DC, United StatesWorld Manufacturing Forum 2012
16-18 October, 2012 Stuttgart, GermanyMITIP 2012 Scientific Forum and Proposers’ Day
24-26 October, 2012 Budapest, HungaryBrazil Automation ISA 2012
6-8 November, 2012 Sao Paulo, Brazil


About IMS

The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) initiative encourages the formation of international research consortia to address 21st century manufacturing technologies and systems to benefit humanity. IMS members currently include the EU and Norway, Mexico, Korea, Switzerland and the United States of America. In Europe IMS is supported by the 7th Framework Programme’s (FP7) Cooperation Themes ICT and NMP.

For further information about IMS, please visitIMS on CORDIS or IMS International.


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