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Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Issue No. 40, May 2012



Dear Reader,Marta Bulik

Exciting events happened since our last newsletter. Factories of the Future (FOF) were present during the CEBIT 2012 in Hannover, with a lot of success! Don’t miss our item on this amazing event followed by photos from European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes visiting the stand of ICT for FOF. You might also find interesting to read the blog article on cloud computing making factories digital!We would like also to draw your attention to the Factories of the Future workshop, which will take place on July 2012 and invites you for registration.

I would like to thank Paola Fantini, Tom Messervey and Allan Martel for contributing to the newsletter and invite you to share your stories and articles with us.

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I wish you a pleasant reading.

Marta Bulik, European Commission

Top Story

Interview with Thomas Messervey, IMS MTP Coach

M: Hi Tom, thank you very much for dedicating a little bit of your time. You’re working as an IMS project coach and facilitator. Can you tell me what does it mean to be a project facilitator? What is your work about?

T: Intelligent Manufacturing System is often new for people- so first part of my job is to explain what this program is about and how does it function. One has to remember that any time we deal with public funding, there are rules, standards and regulations, and even on the national level things can be complex. When we do a collaborative project in Europe some work needs to be done to understand how it works in Europe. When we look at the international level and we want to combine Mexico and US, Europe and Korea, we have to know how things work in any of those regions or countries and what the legal implications are. Sometimes people do not want to collaborate because they perceived difficulties which, in fact, are not that difficult. So the most important part of this job is explaining to people what the program is, how it adds value, how it could apply to them.

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Latest News

¤ Factories of the Future @CeBIT
¤ Cloud computing will make factories digital
¤ IMS Workshop on Sustainable Development in Manufacturing, by Allan Martel, IMS Regional Coach, Mexico
¤ World Manufacturing Forum 2012


US in the Loop

¤ Kauffman Foundation and ITIF Unveil Global Innovation Policy Report Ranking 55 Nations’ Capacities for Economic Growth
¤ President Obama proposes National Network for Manufacturing Innovation


EU Policy

¤ Workshop in the context of the Public Private Partnership on Factories of the Future (FoF) to be held on July 10, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium
¤ “Public Private Partnerships are a step in the right direction and seen as a solution to the valley of death”
¤ Industrial production up by 0.5 % in euro area
¤ Small enterprises: Shift to green economy underway, but not at full speed yet
¤ New way of manufacturing-design your own shoes
¤ Lighter and innovative materials for multipurpose industrial applications


Calls & Events

Meet @ nano- International Brokerage Event on Nanotechnologies, Material Sciences and Industrial Production and Public Private Partnership (PPP)
24 May 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland

Conference “Mission Growth: Europe at the Lead of the New Industrial Revolution”
29 May 2012, Brussels, Belgium

CECIMO Spring Meetings 2012
9-12 June 2012, Ghent, Belgium

18th International ICE Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation
18 – 20 June 2012, Munich, Germany

Industrial Technologies Conference
19-21 June 2012, Aarhus, Denmark

15th International Conference on Machine Design and Production (UMTIK-2012)
19-22 June 2012, Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey

Collaborative Enterprises 2012 – Collaborative Development and Engineering Driving Innovation, WMSCI 2012

17-20 July 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA

China Green Manufacturing Summit 2012
17-18 August, 2012, Shanghai, China

MITIP 2012 Scientific Forum and Proposers’ Day
24-26 October 2012, Budapest, Hungary

Brazil Automation ISA 2012
6-8 November 2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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