EU IMS Newsletter – March 2012

The recent edition of the European Union newsletter, Issue No. 39, March 2012, is available for viewing at The highlights include IMS and global news, interesting projects, proposal calls, and events. For the news letter topics, see below.

Top News

  • Interview with Dan Nagy, Managing Director of IMS
  • EU’s ICT for Factories of the Future during CEBIT 2012
  • IMS delegate appointed to White House Office of Science and Technology policy
  • The European Machine Tool Industry drives sustainability into the heart of manufacturing. ‘Blue Competence’ Initiative launched in Brussels
  • IMS project Automation Competency Model Network is looking for EU partners
  • Microsemi joins EU actuator project to reduce aircraft weight
  • Social Media in the manufacturing world – Can it help to boost sales?

U.S. News

  • 2013 Budget Request for National Institute of Standards and Technology Targets Advanced Manufacturing, Critical Science and Technology Programs
  • Manufacturing highlighted among others as priority area for US competitiveness and Innovative Capacity


  • Global value-added by ICT industries more than doubled from $1.2 trillion in 1995 to $2.8 trillion in 2010
  • KTI industries have been a major and growing part of the global economy
  • Rising KTI shares in most countries have coincided with growth in productivity

EU Policy

  • Harmonised standards which provide presumption of conformity for Personal Protective Equipment products.
  • Enterprise must boost innovation as global competition becomes stronger
  • Security Research options for a possible Demonstration Project to secure Europe’s supply chains
  • Protecting European enterprises and workers from unsafe products
  • European Commission proposes strategy for sustainable bioeconomy in Europe

Project Focus

  • ActionPlanT – a project of the Private-Public Partnership “Factories of the Future”
  • The ULCOS project: cleaner route to steel production

Upcoming Calls & Events

Intensive Training on Entrepreneurship in Photonics
05 – 14 March 2012, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium

AMT Manufacturing Technology Forum – Topics such as, e.g. Sustainable Manufacturing, Innovative Technologies and the Future of Additive Materials Manufacturing, Innovation within Defense Manufacturing and much more will be discussed
7-8 March 2012, Orlando, Florida

Technology and market perspective for future Value Added Materials, workshop organised by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation – This one-day workshop will provide an overview and perspective of the commercial possibilities for value-added and value-adding materials. It will also explore the various technical and economic scenarios linked to the potential development of such materials.
14 March 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference 2012 – The event will bring together researchers, educators and practitioners from around the world and fosters an atmosphere conducive to developing new ideas and refining already existing research developments
14-15 March 2012, Berlin, Germany

Growing the Extended Enterprise: Integrating SMEs in smart Digital supply chains – The one and a half day event will bring together more than 200 automotive players from across Europe to present concrete business cases on how auto-gration improved the functioning of the automotive supply chain and aftermarket, how it helped smaller dynamic businesses to link to larger industry players and participate in global supply chains.
15-16 March 2012, Stuttgart, Germany

Photonics21 Annual Meeting 2012
27 – 28 March 2012, Brussels, Belgium

14th International Conference on Mathematical/Analytical Modelling and Computer Simulation (UKSim2012)
28 – 30 March 2012, Cambridge University, UK

IMS Horizon Workshop on manufacturing strategy, Chalmers University of Technology – The IMS Horizon Workshop is an event in order to develop competences and to educate beneficiaries and members from industry and research on new global approaches to manufacturing strategy.
11-13 April 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden

HANNOVER MESSE 2012: Technology Cooperation Days on Energy Efficient Factories and Industrial Production – It will take place in parallel to the HANNOVER MESSE 2012, the world’s leading showcase for new industrial technologies, materials and product ideas. It is the ideal place to obtain latest industrial know-how.
24-26 April 2012, Hannover, Germany

AKL´12 – International Laser Technology Conference – Over 70 experts from research and industry will bring up to date on the current trends in laser technology
9-11 May 2012, Aachen, Germany

18th International ICE Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation – The central topic will be “Innovation by Collaboration and Entrepreneurial Partnerships
18 – 20 June 2012, Munich, Germany

Industrial Technologies Conference – Three days of insightful plenaries and conference sessions, revealing the impact of industrial technologies and promoting solutions to improve the environment for innovation in Europe
19-21 June 2012, Aarhus, Denmark

15th International Conference on Machine Design and Production (UMTIK-2012) – The 15th International Conference on Machine Design and Production 2012 aims to constitute a forum of prominent academics and professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest advancements, emerging technologies and systems in design and manufacturing of machines, manufacturing systems and technologies.
19-22 June 2012, Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey

The 9th International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health (pHealth)
26-28 June 2012, Porto, Portugal

Collaborative Enterprises 2012 – Collaborative Development and Engineering Driving Innovation, WMSCI 2012 – The symposium will be organized in the context of the 16th World-Multi Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2012.
17-20 July 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA