M4SM: Maintenance for Sustainable Manufacturing


During the IMS Seminar “Strategies for Global Manufacturing (A European View)”, held in Zürich on 15-16 November 2007, the topic of Sustainable Manufacturing was addressed with the following sentence:

Manufacturing must be sustainable in terms of Performance and Quality of both products (including services) and processes, and, Safety of people (workers and other people affected in one or another way by manufacturing process or facilities and their products) but also of the related facilities and infrastructure. Maintenance of manufacturing facilities is important to sustain (i) the quality of processes and (ii) safety.

To this concern, the current MTP proposal is motivated by the crucial role that maintenance can play for achieving sustainability in manufacturing, especially when considering the whole lifecycle of the manufactured product. Really today, the word “maintenance” is becoming a little bit limited for expressing what can be done from a technical and organizational point of view for guaranteeing reliability, availability, quality and safety in industrial assets. In fact, this kind of action means moving toward efficiency and efficacy in manufacturing, while considering sustainability. Henceforth, the definitions of “enterprise asset management” or “asset lifecycle management” are becoming popular extensions of the maintenance concept. Following this approach, the adoption of an integrated point of view is required, i.e. maintenance has not to be addressed as a specialized technique, but as a comprehensive system approach. Total cost of ownership, lifecycle performances, energy consumption, product disposal and safety are the goal parameters to be addressed by maintenance. Based on this view, maintenance has to be considered more and more as a corporate function to be handled in tight connection with the company’s strategy, following the enterprise asset management concept.