LinkedDesign: Linked Knowledge in Manufacturing, Engineering and Design for Next-Generation Production

For the development of collaboration with exchanges of experiences and knowledge at the international level, LinkedDesign will propose the creation of an IMS MTP (Manufacturing Technology Platform) project on Standardisation within the framework of the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) program with partners from the other IMS regions.

Preliminary contacts have been already initiated with well recognised organizations such as NIST (USA) and KAIST (South Korea).

Provision of

      • a holistic view on data, persons and processes across the full product lifecycle.
      • by integrating all relevant product lifecycle information incl. novel information sources in LEAP
      • to improve the design, efficiency and sustainability of products and processes in manufacturing

LinkedDesign enables

Data federation

  • across trusted sources in the product lifecycle
  • independent of its format, location and origination time

Context-driven access and analysis of federated information

  • integrated role-driven information access
  • manufacturing-specific data analytics likesimulations and sentiment analysis

User collaboration

  • collaboration workbench to foster cross-discipline user collaboration and information exchange

Feedback into existing systems

      • backwards integration of enriched information  connections to engineering systems (e.g. CAx)