2012 World Manufacturing Forum Advance Call for Speakers

World Manufacturing Forum 2012


16 – 18 October 2012

Stuttgart, Germany

The international business environment has undergone dramatic change in the last decade. Technology and skills are key innovation differentiators. Global value chains are increasingly interlinked and there is a growing competition for scarce energy sources and raw materials.

Manufacturing is one of the engines of global economic growth and sustainable development. However, today’s environment bears challenges as well as opportunities: Access to international consumer markets has become easier. And whilst OECD countries have maintained a high level of spending on science and technology, BRIC economies are catching up significantly through increased spending. Also, governments seem to be keen to put proper policies in place to help their industries seize the new opportunities for innovation.

This year’s event aims to explore the challenges for manufacturing innovation in the context of policy makers’ concerns. Speakers will talk about the management of strategic resources such as water, fossil fuels, and rare earth elements and outline how governments can support global manufacturing innovation by increasing the sustainability of business operations and by lowering the risk of conflicts through effective dialogue and international S&T cooperation.
World Manufacturing Forum 2012 will be held in Stuttgart, the heart of one of Europe’s top production locations. Besides stimulating speeches, the event will offer an opportunity for debate among high-ranked industrial and political decision makers. But it will also offer in-depth seminars and the opportunity to visit some of Europe’s top-class manufacturing sites.

The World Manufacturing Forum will not just be a stand-alone event, it aims to be a long-term platform for debate among decision-makers focused upon the most relevant topics surrounding the manufacturing sector.

WMF Program Committee is currently seeking high-level motivating speakers to address the above topics. If you would like to be considered for this event, please send your c.v. and a proposal for your speech to Dan Nagy at [email protected]

For more information visit www.worldmanufacturingforum.org!

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