IMS2020 Roadmap: Supporting Global Research for IMS Vision

IMS2020 aimed at strengthening international co-operation under the IMS, providing an effective interface to ongoing road-mapping activities and creating research synergies at international level through establishment of inter-regional manufacturing communities in the five Key Areas of Activity of IMS (from now on: IMS Key Areas).

IMS Key Areas are five priority topics that have been identified for international cooperation among IMS participant regions: (i) Sustainable manufacturing, (ii) Energy efficient manufacturing, (iii) Key technologies, (iv) Standards, and (v) Education. In order to enhance R&D on these wide and complex topics, international co-operation is needed. A global and heterogeneous perspective will allow the creation of synergies for better addressing the issues involved in these IMS Key Areas.

IMS2020 project mapped and analyzed on-going major research activities and will conduct foresight analyses to derive a set of recommendations for future 2020 manufacturing research. These recommendations included:

• Roadmaps for suggesting R&D orientation and prioritized topics, with also dedicated sections on the needs and opportunities of SMEs;

• Proposals for new schemes & frameworks of co-operation research support among IMS regions;

• Identification of specific SME-focused actions to enhance SME participation in IMS research.


IMS2020 Brochure KAT1-5

IMS2020 Action Roadmap KAT1-2-3

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