ECOFIT: Dematerialising Manufacturing Systems For Sustainable Manufacturing

The aim of this project is to dematerialise machine tools and manufacturing systems by transforming European machine builders from currently producing heavy, long-delivery-time and high-energy-consuming machines to proposing tailored combinations of extremely light-weighted, non-stiff, skeletal and low-environmental-impact machines integrated with appropriate total life-cycle services based on innovative win-to-win business models.

The underlying idea behind this concept is that machine builders conceive machines as combinations of easily exchangeable modules consisting of ultra-light and adaptive skeletal structures. These skeletal structures will be designed considering structure, control strategies and processes in an integral way with the aim of satisfying the functional requirements and of assuring the optimal global robustness and reliability of the machine. This dematerialisation approach will thus break the link between production results and the material structure of machines and will reduce the total-life-cycle impacts and costs of machines in a radical manner. Then, by integrating dematerialised machines with other similar machines, innovative business models and total-life-cycle services, machine builders will be able to realize Dematerialised Manufacturing Systems with customised flexibility.

This holistic approach for designing, producing and using Dematerialised Manufacturing Systems integrated with total-life cycle services will coin a new concept in the European manufacturing sector: DematerialisedManufacturing Solutions, that will pave the way for transforming the European machine-tool industry into a Knowledge-based, Competitive, Sustainable and Value-Adding sector.