ACMN: Automation Competency Model Network

This is an “on-going project” that focuses on standards and/or competencies. By its nature, the project is always looking for new partners through its life cycle.

Goal: To prepare the next generation of automation workers with the 21st century skills needed by industry.

Overview: A “Competency Model” is a formal federal document in the USA that clearly defines what a person needs to know and be able to do to perform well in an occupation—the knowledge, skills, and abilities required. Competency models are developed through research and industry validation; and, once completed, are promoted, maintained, and updated.

In 2009, the Automation Federation, in collaboration with the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of theU.S. Department of Labor (DOL), completed the inaugural Automation Competency Model (the first produced by the DOL). Leaders of the Automation profession and ETA staff worked together to develop this comprehensive competency model for careers in automation with the intent of aiding and increasing the number of individuals pursuing careers in this vital profession in all industries and in all parts of the world.

Both the Automation Federation (AF) and the International Society of Automation (ISA) are interested in building an international network through which the newly-developed model can be disseminated, analysed, and improved where possible.  There is also interest in adapting the model to local circumstances and to keep the model current with changing technology and market demand.  In this latter respect, a formal process has been adopted whereby a detailed review of the model will be undertaken every two years, beginning in 2011.

The AF and ISA have already established a part of the sought after international network by partnering with the British – based Institution of Engineering and Technology which has expressed active interest in developing and promoting the model to its international membership of some 150,000 practitioners in 127 countries.

The diagram below is a schematic representation of the Automation Competency Model. More details of the model can be found on the Automation Federation website.




Automation Federation AIAG- USA

Hass Technical Education Centre Network- EU

PROMEXICO, Technologico de Monterrey- Mex